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Savercraft is a Minecraft server that prides itself on being community-driven, which means that the players have a say in how the server is run. To ensure that everyone is informed and up-to-date, we have a comprehensive wiki that serves as the ultimate source of information related to the server. From rules and guidelines to helpful tips, the Savercraft wiki covers everything you need to know about the server.

If you're new to Savercraft, the wiki is an excellent place to start. It provides a wealth of information that will help you get started on the right foot. Even if you're a seasoned veteran of the server, the wiki is a valuable resource for staying current with the latest changes.

The wiki is updated regularly by the administrative, so you can be sure that the information you're reading is up-to-date and accurate. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, and helps to create a more cohesive and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

So, if you're looking to explore the world of Savercraft, the wiki is the perfect place to start. Dive in, discover, and start exploring all the amazing things that this community-driven Minecraft server has to offer!

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  1. Griefing Rules
    • Griefing is NOT allowed, in claimed or unclaimed land. Note that stealing from unclaimed bases IS allowed.
    • Destroying the wilderness for resources is allowed, but mass destruction of the map for any other reason is considered griefing.
    • Harvesting should be done in the resource world (/wild).
  2. Harassment Rules
    • Harassment will NOT be tolerated on Savercraft. This includes being overly rude or snarky.
    • Having a nickname and/or username similar to other user's usernames can result in a punishment up to 30 days.
    • If you have issues with a particular player, it is highly recommended you report them, /ignore the player, move on, and report the player, if necessary. Do not harass them back or further escalate.
    • Do not bypass mutes, ignores, or contact players who do not wish to speak to you.
  3. Chat/Community Rules
    • Refrain from harassment, racism, excessive swearing, excessive sexual content, hate speech, and discussing sensitive topics such as self-harm, politics, drug use, alcohol use, and abuse. This includes abusive language about the server itself, this is not allowed.
    • Inappropriate usernames, builds, signage, content, skins, and renamed items are not allowed.
    • Advertisement of other servers is not allowed. Some examples are advertising discords, IP's, and names. This will result in a permanent ban from our network.
    • The advertisement of Savercraft on other servers is not allowed, this will result in a permanent ban from our network.
    • Actively attempting to steal players from Savercraft to another server is not allowed. This includes poaching players from our Discord too.
    • If both parties allow it, you may speak your mind in private chat such as /msg or /party chat.
    • Any discussion related to DDoS attacks, cyber threats, or real-life dangers, regardless of where it occurs will be treated as a serious offense and subjected to severe punishments. This applies to both in-game conversations including evidence obtained from screenshots from outside of the server, regardless of the intent behind the statement. All instances of violating this rule will be dealt with equitably.
  4. Hacking Rules
    • Hacking or Exploiting on Savercraft will result in a ban from the network. This includes but is not limited to hacking, x-ray, botting, kill aura, fly, free-cam/free-lookeasy place, or any other modifications that allow you to gain an unfair advantage.
    • Allowed Clients/Mods: mini-maps that do not show entities, spawners, cave systems, chests, are allowed, staff discretion may be used in specific cases. Other allowed clients/mods are waypoints, or anything that displays information already known in the F3 menu, Fullbright, Lunar clientLitematica (no easy place), Optifine, performance/fps boosters.
    • Any exploits that arise from bugs with vanilla Minecraft features or server plugins such as duping cannot be used and must be reported. Rewards will be given based on severity.
    • Note that Jitter, Butterfly, Drag, and Auto clicking are all against our rules and can result in punishment.
  5. Player Automation Rules
    • Player automation is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to botting (baritone, etc.), auto-clickers, and key weights.
    • You must be able to respond to a staff member promptly, staff discretion can and will be used at times.
    • Farms that require you to AFK or do manual work are allowed.
    • Fishing Machines are not allowed (even if the mouse is manually held down).
    •     Disallowed Examples:
             • 3rd party software such as auto clickers
             • Hardware exploits such as unplugging a mouse to continue inputs
             • Physical objects such as weights or tape
             • An AFK machine such as an AFK pool
             • Using things such as F3 + T to auto click
             • Bypassing the AFK kick.
  6. Player Combat Rules
    • Random player combat is NOT allowed. You must get permission from the other party before fighting.
    • Rules of the fight should be laid out beforehand. Breaking those rules may result in the other party reporting you.
    • Entering PvP-marked areas automatically consents you to PvP.
    • Tping or baiting players to a PvP area to fight them is NOT allowed.
    • Hitting someone else even once allows them to hit or even kill you back, though it is recommended you just report them as fights may get confusing to judge.

  7. Claiming Rules
    • If a user is inactive for 45 days+, you can request the claim be removed via Discord. Claims do automatically delete after 45 days of inactivity unless you have 10,000 claim blocks or more. Includes used claim blocks.
    • Do not claim or build within 100 blocks of an existing claim without permission from the claim owner. Failure to do so may result in your build being removed.
    • It is still recommended to claim past just your build area to save a piece of land for future use.
    • Claims that break the 100-blocks claim rule must be reported in a timely manner. Not reporting someone's claim violation and allowing them to build for weeks may mean that their claim might not be removed.
    • Do not trespass on claims. If you repeatedly ignore the claim owner's wishes for you to leave, you may be forcibly removed and punished.

  8. Promoting Rules
    • Advertising within or near other shops without permission is not allowed.
    • Advertising PW's or other services on /ah is limited to 1 listing. Even if you are advertising a different PW, you may only have 1 listing.
    • AH advertisements should be priced at 999999 or higher.
    • No reselling of map art created by someone else without their permission.
    • Advertising in-game economy-related things must be limited to every 30 minutes in chat, this includes auction house listings, player warps, claims for rent, and any other economy-related things.
  9. Respect Rule
    • Respectful language is expected at all times. You may be punished if you use aggressive or abusive language towards staff.
    • Do not argue with staff in public chat. If you have any issues, please use /report to file a complaint or appeal.
    • Do not beg for ranks, items, or beg for other things. This includes begging ranked players to run commands/use perks that only they have access to. For example, begging a ranked player to mine a spawner for you will result in a punishment.

  10. Reporting Rule
    • If you see anyone breaking the rules, report it. If you do not report the infraction, you will be seen as an accomplice to the rule break.
    • Provide as much information as possible when reporting, such as screenshots, chat logs, and player names.
    • False reports may result in punishment for the reporter.
  11. Chunk Limits
    • Bypassing the lag restriction is not allowed.
    • Armor stands: 16
    • Mobs: 28
    • Withers: 3
    • This includes most types of mobs, mobs won't spawn after the limit.
    • Eg. In a chunk, you could have 12 chickens and 12 cows, OR you can have 24 cows
    • Villagers are NOT included in this and are not limited.
    • Max entity cramming is set to 8
    • Transportation (Minecart/Boat/Furnace Minecart/etc): 6
    • Block Limits: Newcomer+/Awoken+/Divine+/Saver
    • Hoppers 30/40/50/60
    • Pistons 30/40/50/60
    • Observers 30/40/50/60
    • Repeaters/Comparators 40/50/60/70
  12. Lag Rules
    • Farms/machines built must be useful and efficient as possible to not cause any unnecessary lag.
    • Farms/machines that run constantly and don’t produce anything useful should be turned off when not in use.
    • Chunk loaders are not allowed.
    • No lava casting anywhere.
    • Flying machines are not allowed.
    • Bypassing this rule in any way while being inactive is not allowed.
  13. English only in chat
    • Our staff team cannot moderate languages outside of English, which is why we ask this.
    • Non-English is allowed in private messages (/msg ).
  14. Alt-accounts
    • Alts are allowed but must be logged off above 45 online players.
    • Only one additional alt account may be used for AFK purposes.
    • You are allowed to vote on alt-accounts and give your main account the rewards, though logging on a bunch of alts to give yourself the starting money is not allowed.
    • You are not allowed to use Alt job furnaces.
  15. VPN Usage
    • VPN’s are not allowed to be used. If you do use a VPN or Proxy and it works, it is at the risk of the player. Whenever a player logs in, their IP is recorded, thus using a VPN has the risk of associating your username with a banned player. To avoid any sort of issues, it is recommended you do not use a VPN.
  16. No Gambling
    • This includes making casinos, chance based games, mystery boxes.
    • The rule is to protect players and reduce staff needing to constantly check for malicious intent. Therefore if both parties are friends and allow it knowing the risks, you may engage in this kind of behavior.

The server staff reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time.

Punishments may be given out for unlisted rules at staff discretion.

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Question: Why are my votes not working?

Answer: If you are playing on Bedrock, ensure that you type your name exactly as it appears in-game, including the * prefix as it is part of your username. Also note that the voting sites only permit one vote per IP address, so if there are two people in the same household, only one person can vote. To solve this issue, one person can use a VPN to vote.


Question: Will the server map ever reset?

Answer: The Overworld, Nether, and End will never be reset. When a new update impacts world generation or if the map becomes overpopulated over time, the world border will expand accordingly.


Question: How can I become a staff member?

Answer: Check the #news channel to see if there are any available staff positions. We prioritize activity, friendliness, and maturity when considering staff members, so be sure to exhibit these traits when applying.

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General Commands

/sethome ━ Sets your home at your current position.

/delhome ━ Removes the specified home.

/home ━ Teleports you to the specified home.

/homes ━ Lists the names of all your homes.

/ignore ━ Ignore the specified player, hiding their chat messages from you. Running the command again, un-ignores them.

/rtp ━ Randomly teleport to the Survival world.

/tpa ━ Send someone a teleport request for you to teleport to their location.

/tpa cancel ━ Cancels your outgoing teleport request.

/warps ━ Lists all the available server warps.

/warp ━ Teleports you to the specified server warp.

/realname ━ View player's actual username if only their nickname is visible.


Claiming Commands

/abandonclaim ━ Removes the current claim you are standing in.

/abandonallclaims ━ Removes ALL of your claims.

/subdivideclaim ━ Use while holding a golden shovel. Activates subdivide mode. Allows you to make claims within your claims. These claims can be given different permissions than the parent claim.

/extendclaim ━ Extends your claim to the direction you are currently facing by the amount specified.

/accesstrust ━ Gives a player access to buttons, and levers in the claim.

/containertrust ━ Gives a player access to containers in the claim.

/permissiontrust ━ Gives a player access to trust other players. They may give /trust, /accesstrust, /containertrust.

/trust ━ Gives a player the ability to build, break, and open/take from containers as well as interact with mobs.

/untrust ━ Revoke all trust for that specific player in the claim you are standing in.

/trustlist ━ View the trust given to all players in the claim you are standing in.

/claimlist ━ View all your land claims and their locations.

/petkick ━ Kicks pets owned by other users in the claim you're standing in, must be owner of the claim. If the owner of the pet is in the claim, it will not work.


Economy Commands

/bal ━ Displays your current balance.

/bal ━ Displays the balance of the specified user.

/pay ━ Pays money to the specified user.

/ah ━ Opens up the auction house.

/ah sell ━ Sells the held for the specified price.

/jobs browse ━ Opens up the jobs GUI, where you can view/join/leave jobs. You can unlock more job slots by voting and ranking up.

/jobs join ━ Joins the specified job.

/jobs leave ━ Leaves the specified job. You lose 10% of your levels when you leave a job.

/jobs clearownership — Clear all owned blocks for the Smither job. (Furnaces, smokers, blast furnaces and brewer stands).

/jobs log — Shows you a log of how much you earned on a certain job.

/trade ━  Sends a trade request to the specified player.

/trade accept  ━  Accepts the pending trade offer.

/trade deny ━  Denies the pending trade offer.


Player Warp Commands

/pw ━ Opens up the player warps browser.

/pw ━ Travels to a warp.

/pw set ━ Creates a player warp at your location. Player warps cost $300 to set up, and $300 every real-life week to maintain.

/pw icon set/remove ━ Sets your held item as warp icon.

/pw reset ━ Sets your warp’s location to your current location.

/pw rename ━ Renames your warp.

/pw ban set/remove/list ━ Bans, unbans or lists banned players for the specified warp.

/pw rate ━ Rate other player warps. Available ratings are 1 to 5.

/pw lock ━ Locks or unlocks own warp for public access.


Vote Commands

/vote ━ Opens the vote GUI. Voting for the server gives you rewards, vote points, and ranks!

/rankup ━ Exchange your vote points for ranks.

/tokens ━  Trade in physical vote tokens for rewards.

/crates ━ Teleports you to the crate hall.

/pinata ━ Teleports you to the vote party. (Will be announced in chat when it happens)


Paid Rank Commands

Check out the shop to see which commands go to which rank!

/tpahere ━ Sends someone a teleport request for them to teleport to your location.

/back ━ Teleports you to your last teleported/death location.

/fly ━ Toggles fly.

/nick ━ Changes your display name to the specified nickname. Savers may use RGB or normal color codes.

/chatcolor gui ━ Opens the chatcolor menu where you can modify your chat color.

/eglow ━ Opens the chatcolor menu where you can modify your player outline color.

/showitem ━ Displays the current held item for everyone in chat.

/ec ━ Opens your enderchest.

/backpack ━ Opens your backpack.

/wb ━ Opens a crafting table for you to use.

/anvil ━ Opens an anvil for you to use.

/loom ━ Opens a loom for you to use.

/smithtable ━ Opens a blacksmith table for you to use.

/stonecutter ━ Opens a stone cutter for you to use.

/trash ━ Opens a menu where you can put items you want to be destroyed. Items destroyed here are NOT retrievable, so make sure you only trash unwanted items.

/hat ━ Puts the held item on your head.

/ptime ━ Sets your personal time.

/pweather ━ Sets your personal weather.

/feed ━ Restores all your hunger bars.

/heal ━ Restores all your hunger and health bars.

/rename ━ Renames the held item to the specified name.

/fix ━ Repairs the held item.

/condense ━ Condenses items into more compact blocks. Eg. Diamonds to diamond blocks.

/kittycannon ━ Shoots out an exploding cat.

/beecannon ━ Shoots out an exploding bee.

/sort ━ Change sorting key binds.

/sort on ━ Enable inventory sorting.

/sort off ━ Disable inventory sorting.


Misc Commands

/lay ━ Lay down.

/sit ━ Sit down. You can also sit by right-clicking a half-slab, or carpet.