Rules are in place to ensure a fair, safe, and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Any activity not listed here, but that staff seems as harmful to the server or the players, can be punishable. 
Knowing a player is breaking a rule and not reporting may get you punished.

If you are unsure on a staff member's action taken against you or need clarification on any rule, please make a ticket on our Discord server. 

All rules are subject to change at any time.


  • These rules apply to all gamemodes of Savercraft.

1.1   Alt accounts are NOT allowed.
One account per player is allowed.
No account sharing.


1.2  Do NOT bypass a mute. This will result in a ban for the rest of your mute.
Sharing text with other players using books, named items, or signs is considered bypassing a mute.

1.3  Trapping players is not allowed. 

      • Trapping a player in a place they cannot get out of is not allowed, this includes nether portal trapping.

      • Tricking a player into teleporting to you when you are in an unsafe location is not allowed.

1.4  No modifications that provide an advantage over a vanilla client.

       Anything that gives you an advantage over others is not allowed.

       Auto clickers are not allowed.

       Xray is not allowed.

    Allowed Clients:

    Badlion Client


  • Shaders

  • Lunar Client

  • Litematica

  • Minor aesthetic modifications/texture packs

1.5  No non-human activity.

  • Any AFK (away from keyboard) method is NOT allowed.

  • Examples:

    • 3rd party software such as auto clickers,

    • hardware exploits such as unplugging a mouse to continue inputs,

    • physical objects such as weights or tape,

    • an AFK machine such as an AFK pool,

    • using things such as F3 + T to autoclick,

    • bypassing the AFK kick.

  • Being AFK is allowed within an active and open window of Minecraft.

  • Non-human activity is any activity where a gameplay action such as killing mobs, moving around or mining is executed without a human performing those actions.

  • You cannot use a non-human activity even while being present at the client.

  • You must be able to respond to a staff member.


1.6  No exploiting any bugs or glitches.
 Exploiting any bugs or glitches is not allowed, if found report it to a staff member privately.

1.7 Do not impersonate other players.
 Changing your IGN to similar to other players.

       Using /nick to impersonate others.

1.8  Lagging out/Creating lag machines is not allowed.
Creating Redstone contraptions that lag the server out is not allowed. Any other way found to lag out the server is not allowed. This includes overkill/huge redstone machines. For example, a redstone generator on Skyblock with 100+ pistons, note that this is only an example. What is labeled as a lag machine/overkill redstone machine is decided by the staff member handling the case.

1.9  Any form of butterfly or drag clicking is not allowed.
Drag clicking is disallowed as well as butterfly clicking.

Player Behavior


2.1  No Advertising
No advertising other servers or products.


2.2  Trading in-game items or in-game money for real-life money or items is not allowed
Any trading of in-game things for real-life items/money is not allowed.

      You may only trade in-game items for things purchasable on

2.3  Keep chat appropriate.

      • No toxicity.

      • Keep global-chat and discord strictly English. Staff monitor this 24/7

      • No harsh/offensive language.

      • No homophobic or racial slurs, anything along these lines will result in an instant ban.

      • Keep chat a nice place for everyone.


2.4  Keep your messages to a minimum.

      • No spamming, such as repeating a message more than once.

      • No over excessively advertising player warps or anything along those lines.

2.5  English only
Keep global chat English only.

2.6  No sharing other players information
Any sharing of another person’s personal info like names, phone numbers, IPs, contact info, and personal issues will result in a permanent ban.

2.7  No Abusing players
Harassing other players that have asked you to stop will result in an immediate one-day mute.

2.8  Do not make any references to Nazi Germany.
• Do not make references to Nazi Germany, like Swastikas.


3.1  Do not discuss people’s personal punishments.
Disclosing other player's punishments is not allowed.


3.2  Do not use any racist or inappropriate skins.
 Do not use skins that show nudity or show racism.


3.3 Do not ping staff members on Discord unless permitted by staff.


      • If you would like to report a bug, player, or staff member, please make a ticket in the discord and staff will handle it accordingly. NOTE: False/joke reports and tickets will not be handled lightly and you will be punished.


These rules apply to Survival and Skyblock.


  • Griefing is not allowed.

      • Placing blocks where you are not allowed (Block glitching).

      • Breaking blocks where you are not allowed.

      • Killing animals/mobs that are not yours.

  • Stealing is not allowed.

      • Taking from containers that are not yours. (Still considered stealing if the area is unclaimed.)

      • Picking up items that are not yours.


  • No Scamming

      • Scamming players is not allowed.


  • Do not copy other player's map art creations.

      • Copying other player's "map arts" without the creator's permission is not allowed.


  • Do not use items listed on Auction House to advertise.

      • Renaming an item for example a paper named /pw Savercraft is not allowed.


  • Do not create flying machines.

      • Creating a flying machine is not allowed.