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Frequently asked questions to help you understand the server and its features.


If you are unsure or need clarification on anything, please make a ticket on our discord server. 

FAQs are subject to change at any time.


These FAQs apply to all gamemodes.

Q: What are Credits?


A: Credits are our premium currency here, they enable you to purchase things like Ranks and Sub-ranks, Fly time, Sell Wands, Lunar Keys, and more! Check out for Credits, and /Ranks, /Subranks, and /Credits in-game for more details!


Q: What are Cosmetics?


A: Cosmetics are things such as pets, mounts, morphs, and much more that you can show off and enjoy with your friends. use /Cosmetics to see which ones you have unlocked, and use /Credits to purchase Cosmetic Chests to unlock more!



Q: How do I link my Discord and Minecraft Accounts?


A: To link your account, go into /hub and type /link, you will be given a 4 digit code. Then you will need to privately message the code to the Savercraft Discord bot by clicking its profile. Linking your Discord and Minecraft accounts together allows you to embed links, use external emojis, use external stickers, and attach images.


Q: I used Silk Touch but didn't get the Blaze Spawner, what happened?


A: Spawners found in the nether do not drop when mined. You will have to make the EXP farm in the nether.


Q: How do I create a Chest Shop?


A: Create a Chest Shop by right-clicking a chest with the item you plan to sell or buy. Then enter in chat the price you wish to sell or buy the item for. To change a Chest Shop to selling mode, simply right-click the sign and click the [Change] button where it says shop mode in chat.


Q: Why did my mob or animal disappear?


A: We have a Mob clearer to reduce lag, to make sure your mob or pet doesn't get cleared, give it a name with a nametag. If you feel your pet may have been killed by another player, Make a ticket for staff to investigate the incident.

Q: What is the Vote Piñata?


A: After a certain amount of server-wide votes from players using, a llama, also known as the piñata will appear at spawn. Hitting it will grant you rewards like money, EXP, and crate keys, when the piñatas hit count reaches zero, it will disappear. The piñata has more hits depending on how many people are online at the time.



Q: Why doesn't the voting work on my bedrock account?


A: To vote with a bedrock account, you must include the " _ " before your username, as well as one in place of any spaces in your name to distinguish the account from a Java one.




Q: I was Banned and I don't know why?


A: Join the Discord server at, and make a ticket to appeal a ban. Staff will help you as best they can. To avoid any confusion in the future, always read the rules at Rules sometimes change, so keep an eye on the Announcement channel in Discord.



Q: Will I lose my stuff if I die?


A: No, Keep Inventory is enabled on all servers. You won't lose items or EXP should you die.


Q: How can I help the server improve, and have my opinions heard?


A: The Suggestion bot on the Discord server is where players can bring ideas to the table, discuss and debate them civilly, and try to find the best ways for the server to grow. If you want a more active part in the servers working, our Form applications are located at Staff Forms are often closed, so be sure to check the Announcements channel on discord to find out when they have opened.


Q: My question isn't listed here, what should I do?

A: If you have a problem, and you don't know where to go to solve it, make a Ticket on the discord server using the form "Other" and explain your issue. Staff will be happy to assist you and point you in the right direction!


These FAQs apply to the Survival gamemode.

Q: What are Claim Blocks?

A: Claim Blocks are used to protect your base. When you join Survival, you'll be given a book that explains how they work. You can obtain them in Vote and Lunar crates, or purchase them via Credits with /Credits. Claims will automatically be deleted after 90 days of inactivity.



Q: How do I create a player warp?


A: Player warps are made with the /pw set [name] command. You must be VIP or higher to create a player warp, use /pw help to find out how to customize your player warp.



Q: How do I get an elytra?


A: Obtain an elytra by visiting the end and raiding end cities.

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