About Savercraft

       Savercraft is a growing server giving a new experience. Currently, we have Survival and Skyblock. In addition, this server is not pay-to-win. We promise as soon as you join, you’ll be impressed. We put a lot of work into the server for future players like you to enjoy playing.

      Survival offers a unique experience of being able to grind either by yourself or with friends. Players can claim their own land and build a massive base or even an entire town if they get enough claim blocks. You can farm for money, grind XP for custom enchants, and fight other players to the death in the arena. Bosses spawn at random times in the arena and give you great rewards, they are fairly hard to beat, and you might need help from others to defeat them. Make sure to vote (/vote) because voting gives you great rewards, and once enough votes have been reached, a pinata spawns at spawn for players to hit for rewards! Survival also has a nice community that is always willing to help you out and answer any question you might have. Our staff team is also great, and they are trained to help deal with any issue or concern you might have. We have big things coming for survival and can’t wait to show the Minecraft world what we have planned.

     In Skyblock, you spawn on an island, and you have to expand and grow it to gain a higher island level.  A higher island level will allow you to get better minerals from a regular cobblestone generator. Eventually, a cobblestone generator can get you iron, gold, emeralds, and diamonds. Like Survival, Skyblock offers the same PvP experience with custom enchants and economy. Bosses will appear for you and your friends to beat, and you can even do island challenges that give you really useful rewards. The challenges will take a while to complete, but the rewards they give you make them worth completing. Voting on Skyblock is just as good as voting on Survival. A pinata spawns here too! Staff will also be active on Skyblock to make sure people are non-toxic and to make sure the community is perfect and safe.

If you want to connect with the current community that we have, our discord is the perfect way to do so. Once you log into the server, you can find our discord link pretty much everywhere and you can join and see what we’re about. Our discord also offers support tickets that only you and the staff have access to. This way, you can express any issues, concerns, or even suggestions you might have about the server. We’re all ears to new ideas.

      Savercraft is planning to have much more game modes in addition to Survival and Skyblock that are currently being developed. We constantly try to provide the best experience for all players, and we’re putting a twist on Minecraft that makes players want to keep coming back. We can’t wait to see you here on Savercraft! 

       Savercraft is not affiliated or endorsed by Mojang Studios.

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